Tsubaki has the right chain for every application: for on- and off-road bikes, for the beginning rider to the racing professional. Combine our chain with our Chain Cleaner and Lubrication products for maximum performance. Tsubaki motorcycle chains feature gold-coloured plating and low friction X-rings, unless otherwise specified.



Our RQ1 series is specially developed for high-performance machines with over 150 horsepower. RQ1 stands for high performance, strength and reliability.

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The best choice for your high-performance road bike
Recommended for bikes with more than 150 HP
Pre-stretched to minimize elongation after first adjustment
Available in sizes 520, 525 and 530

Up to 150 HP


The RQ2 series is built for real world performance with its low friction and long-life.

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The perfect balance between weight, cost and durability
Recommended for bikes with up to 150 HP
Pre-stretched to minimize elongation after first adjustment
Available in sizes 428, 520, 525 and 530
Comes with hollow rivet link for easy installation with industry standard tools



Our RQR series is developed exclusively for racing purposes. This chain has been used on factory bikes in the World Superbike Championships and is a proven Isle of Man TT winner.

The choice of teams and riders in the world's leading championships
Very rigid and high tensile strength, yet lightweight chain
Pre-stretched to minimize elongation after first adjustment
Available exclusively in size 520

For Enduro purposes


Our MXE series is perfect for all your Enduro adventures. Relied on by many teams on 6-day Enduro events and even during the notorious Dakar Rally.

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Suited for demanding, high torque applications
Also used for training purposes by MX racing teams
Available in sizes 428 and 520

For Motocross purposes


Our MXC series is our answer for the professional dirt track. Developed in collaboration with professional MX-racing teams to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

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Developed together with the top MX-racing teams in the European MXGPs
Non-sealed chain for the least amount of friction and weight, ensuring that every horsepower goes directly to the rear wheel
Available in sizes 420, 428 and 520

Maintain your chain for maximum durability

Chain Cleaner & Lubrication

Tsubaki maintenance products keep your chain in the best condition possible.

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Use our X-ring safe Cleaner to regularly rid your chain of old grease and dirt, which can act as an abrasive and accelerate wear
For sealed chains, use our Tsubaki Waxy to lubricate your chain and X-rings.
For non-sealed chains, use our Tsubaki Oily to penetrate all areas of the chain with lubrication

Professional tools for easy installation


Tsubaki tools are made to the highest standards and provide reliable functionality.

Use our Whale Tool to break your old chain and rivet your Tsubaki chain
Our Tsubaki Chain Wear Indicator is an easy-to-use tool for checking elongation in an instant

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