Take care of your bike and your bike takes care of you

Your motorcycle chain is part of your riding adventures, where road grit, rain & mud can cause excessive wear.

Keeping your chain in good condition by cleaning and lubricating regularly can make a big difference.

Cleaning & lubricating your chain

Step-by-step tutorial how to clean and lubricate your motorcycle chain.

Adjusting your chain

Tutorial how to adjust your motorcycle chain (with help of a Laser alignment tool).

Installing your chain with hard-head pins

Step-by-step tutorial how to install your new motorcycle chain using a Whale tool.

Disconnecting your chain with hard-head pins

Step-by-step tutorial how to disconnect your motorcycle chain with hard-head pins using a special (Whale) tool.

Installing your chain with soft-head pins

Step-by-step tutorial how to disconnect your motorcycle chain with soft-head pins using a special tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to clean my chain?

    Yes! To maximise the lifespan of your Tsubaki chain, we recommend to clean it regularly. Depending on your riding style and environment, road grit, sand and other dirt can act as an abrasive which causes excessive wear.

    Our Chain & Engine Cleaner is X-ring friendly and easy-to-use. Not only will your chain last longer, but it will look good doing so! Just don't forget to lubricate again after cleaning.

  • Why do I need to lubricate my chain?

    Tsubaki chain with X-rings has factory-applied lubrication between the pins and bushes that will last the lifetime of the chain. However, the lubrication for the rollers (the part that engages with the sprockets) wears off over time and needs to be re-applied regularly to minimize excessive wear. This will also prevent the X-from drying out and helps in protecting the steel parts against corrosion.

  • How often should I lubricate my chain?

    Depending on use and environment we advise to lubricate your chain every 300-600 km (200-400 miles).

  • What should I use to lubricate my chain?

    We recommend using a sticky, X-ring friendly lubrication, like our Tsubaki Waxy. It's thin when you spray it on, so it can penetrate the chain effectively. Once you let it dry for a bit it becomes a clear, sticky wax. The stickiness prevents it from flinging off and helps to keep the rest of your bike clean, while still protecting your chain as best as possible.

  • Why do I have to check my chain slack?

    We recommend checking your chain slack ca. 500 kilometers (300 miles) after first installation. Our chains come pre-stretched from the factory, so they'll only need to 'settle' with their new sprockets.

    When your chain elongates, the slack becomes more prominent. Excessive slack can lead to chain vibration, which could cause premature wear (and a less comfortable ride).

  • What amount of chain slack is acceptable?

    The recommended amount of chain slack is different for every bike. Please refer to the user manual, or workshop manual of your motorcycle for instructions.

  • How do I know when to replace my chain?

    There are a couple of signs to look out for that your chain needs replacing. If you notice sticky links or kinks in your chain, missing X-rings or when your chain is elongated beyond the service limit, it is time to replace your chain.

    When you clean and lubricate your chain, it's also a great time to visually inspect your chain for these kinks or missing X-rings.

    In addition, we have developed an easy-to-use Chain Wear Indicator, but you can also measure elongation with a set of calipers. We recommend replacing your chain when it has reached 1% elongation or beyond.